[maemo-users] N810 - The glass is half full

From: Geordie Millar gm at stackunderflow.com
Date: Mon May 26 02:29:13 EEST 2008
Also, interestingly,
> What we don't appreciate is being charged for the Web browser and  
> for many of the multimedia playback options. The browser might be  
> good enough to shell out $30, but when was the last time you paid  
> for a Web browser? Never, that's when. Also, our review unit came  
> packed with the plugin that allows for playback of AAC audio tracks  
> in movie files. For our best quality DivX files (don't ask where  
> they came from, please), we found this plugin necessary. So, while  
> we can accept paying for hardware additions, we wish software  
> plugins were simply included. Maybe when more people start buying  
> these devices.

Ummm. So you have to pay extra for a web browser that should be  
included in a device that was included in a device reviewed as an  
internet tablet?

On 25/05/2008, at 11:13 PM, John Holmblad wrote:
> I am surprised that the reviewer did not mention the existence of the
> portfolio of applications available at the maemo www site. Does this
> suggest that Nokia is not doing a satisfactory job of promoting  
> maemo as
> a viable site for good quality N810/N800 applications?

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