[maemo-users] Maemo IU locking up

From: Torsten Hoefler maemo-users at unixer.de
Date: Fri May 30 01:26:56 EEST 2008
I am running the newest OS2008 on a N810. And I have problems with the
OS (I guess). The IU locks up from time to time with 100% CPU load (the
CPU load applet shows full system load) and pretty much stops
responding. I can not open any windows anymore (it just draws the white
background after a delay of >30 seconds but no widgets).

This happens from time to time (after several hours) also when I don't
use the device (also in offline mode), i.e., it's just sitting around
doing nothing. Something seems to use the CPU extensively because the
battery is drained quickly (2-3hrs) after it starts.

I tried to debug via ssh, and see a constant system load >2 but no
process besides "maemo-launcher" consuming about 20% (why does this
process run all the time? What does it do?). I also see Xomap from time
to time (what does this do?). It looks like top (running as root) is not
showing all the processes? Is this possible?

It seems to be only the IU that locks up (ssh works fine).

Thanks & Best,

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