[maemo-users] Connecting to the Internet via Bluetooth

From: Leonardo F. Fontenelle leonardof at gnome.org
Date: Sun Nov 2 23:20:41 EET 2008
Hello, all!

I have a N800 with OS2008, but I have no wireless network at home. My
desktop computer has a wired internet connection, a bluetooth dongle,
and GNU/Linux. I tried to follow many how-tos about sharing the internet
connection with PAN/NAP or DUN, but no one could be followed to the

So, I'd like to go back to the basics: Is maemo-pan good to get internet
access from a computer, or only from a cell phone? Is there another way
to give internet access to the OS2008 via desktop+bluetooth (e.g. does
DUN work too)?

Leonardo Fontenelle

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