[maemo-users] Connecting to the Internet via Bluetooth

From: Leonardo F. Fontenelle leonardof at gnome.org
Date: Sun Nov 2 23:36:25 EET 2008
Em Dom, 2008-11-02 às 16:29 -0500, James Knott escreveu:
> Considering how cheap WiFi gear is these days, why not buy an access
> point?  Most inexpensive WiFi routers can be configured in access point
> mode, so that WiFi devices, such as the N800 appear on your local LAN. 

I'd like to get a solution with my current resources, but trying to set
up the bluetooth access point has been a headache. If I can't find out
soon how to get this access point working, buying a WiFi access point
can actually save me some money.

Leonardo Fontenelle

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