[maemo-users] Connecting to the Internet via Bluetooth

From: Martin Grimme martin.grimme at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 3 13:08:38 EET 2008
I fully agree that this is a needless hole. I would love it if Nokia
added PAN functionality to the maemo UI. maemo-pan is nothing than a
simple workaround.


2008/11/3, Leonardo F. Fontenelle <leonardof at gnome.org>:
> Em Seg, 2008-11-03 às 10:57 +0100, Martin Grimme escreveu:
>> In fact, computer support is still missing in maemo-pan. It's on the
>> TODO list, though.
> Thanks for the reply! IMHO you software fixes a needless hole in Maemo.
> As soon as I can I'll follow José Luís' suggestion on how to set up a
> DUN connection.
> --
> Leonardo Fontenelle
> http://leonardof.org
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