[maemo-users] gmail contacts import

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Nov 4 22:48:16 EET 2008
On Tuesday 04 November 2008 09:28:25 Henrik Frisk wrote:
> Affter much frustration and unsuccessful attempts at importing my
> Google contacts into my N810 contacts db I have decided to take a shot
> at writing a utility to do it for me using the Google contacts API. I
> may eventtually try to make it do synchronization similar to how
> Erminig does calendar synchronization. My question to the list is if
> anyone know of similar attempts that I may have missed despite my
> eager searches.

You could consider using Opensync.  Unfortunately, at the moment Opensync is 
severely broken (it is being rewritten, with many improvements, but it is 
going more slowly than planned).  If you can afford to wait another 6 months 
it may be usable again, and I may even have the Maemo port working again!

The advantage of Opensync is that it has (although they haven't been ported to 
the new API yet) plugins for both Google and Evolution Data Server.  I am 
sure there would be interest in adapting those plugins to do what you need.

But, it is not an option today.  My suggestion: create a one-way sync yourself 
and look to moving to Opensync for two-way sync when it is working again next 

There is another option: there has been discussion on the GPE list of moving 
GPE contacts to use the built-in contacts database in EDS.  If that happened, 
you could make use of the GPE contacts import (which has been much improved 
and is being actively maintained to fix problems with import from Google and 
other systems).  So, another option is for you to look into whether that is 
possible and whether you could contribute to that.


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