[maemo-users] Changing wireless password

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Wed Nov 5 14:46:48 EET 2008
Our campus has parallel wireless networks, one for staff/faculty and one for
students. Both use the same settings but different usernames/passwords:

SSID: hidden
Mode: infrastructure
Security: WPA with EAP
No certificate
Manual username: set to = username
Require client authentication: Yes

I was using the staff network connection on my N800, which worked fine. When I
started my part-time degree, when I switched to the student network because
there were access points in closer locations. That too has been fine. Now I've
finished the research and I'm no longer a registered student, so I have to go
back to using the staff network -- and in the interim, I had changed my
password for that network (which I had continued to use on my laptop).

I deleted the entry for the student network and checked the settings for the
staff network, and it's clearly trying to connect, but it comes up with the
"failed to authenticate" error, presumably because the password has changed --
but I cannot find anywhere to tell it to use my new password.

In the setup for Network-Manager on my Ubuntu laptop there is a field for the
password, but this is absent from the interface in the N800.

How do I tell it to use my new password?


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