[maemo-users] All applets dying

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Fri Nov 7 13:53:51 EET 2008
On Friday 07 November 2008 10:35:26 Tommy Persson wrote:
> Has anybody seen the problem and have any idea how to solve it. Firt I
> thouh that I run out of memory but I think all applets died when I had
> a lot of memory free. Or could it be one applet or statusbar thing
> that causes this sometimes?

If any one applet crashes it takes down the whole home screen.  The system 
then restarts the home screen in "safe mode" with all applets disabled to try 
to avoid the problem. A reboot restarts all the applets.

It could be any applet causing the problem.  The only way to find it is to 
remove some applets and see if it recurs.  

Alternatively you can post your list of applets and see if anyone else has had 
a bad experience with any of them.  Unfortunately, not a very scientific 
process (it is hard to be sure which applet is really causing the problem, 
some bugs are quite subtle and may depend on your particular usage and there 
are different versions of many applets around, with some bugs fixed and new 
ones introduced).

It would be useful to have a debug mode in the desktop process where it would 
produce a log of interesting events (and all Glib logging messages) and log 
which library contained the faulting instruction when any signals occur.  
Maybe even take a core dump.


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