[maemo-users] All applets dying

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Mon Nov 10 11:20:46 EET 2008

ext Tommy Persson wrote:
>> It could be any applet causing the problem.  The only way to find it is to 
>> remove some applets and see if it recurs.  
> Could a status bar application cause the problem?
>> Alternatively you can post your list of applets and see if anyone
>> else has had a bad experience with any of them.
> I will test to disable applets until I find the guilty one.
> The ones I usally use are: Clock, Disk Free Size, Display IP, GPE
> Summary, Internet Search and IpHome.

What about statusbar applets?

I had recently updated my other device to latest Diablo and happened
just to install Statusbar load-applet (haven't used that earlier) to
it and after using it for a while, Desktop crashed.  I haven't gotten
any Desktop crashes without load-applet.

The backtrace looks like this:
Signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
0 	0x4097013c 	IA__gdk_pixbuf_fill (pixbuf=0x786f4274, pixel=0) at 
1 	0x42fa0350 	?? () from unknown

And when looking at the load-applet code in Garage, it's at least using
that function, so it might explain some crashes:

	- Eero

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