[maemo-users] What is the best app to read .doc or .ppt files on N810

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 15 00:53:05 EET 2008
On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 1:46 PM, Gary <gary at eyetraxx.net> wrote:
> "You need 1.3 GB free on one of your memory cards (this includes the
> built-in 2GB on the N810), although after installing, you will only need
> 1 GB."
> I happen to have an N800 and it didn't come with cards that big. It's
> like saying you need to buy a sidecar if you expect to carry groceries
> home on your motorcycle. Maemo is first and foremost an embedded distro.
> Don't expect to run huge apps on it any more than you should expect to
> serve 100+ wireless users on a $30 wireless AP running DD-WRT, etc.

I bought two 8GB cards for my N800 when I got it in January. They have
32GB cards now, which are obviously still expensive, but you can get a
16GB card for under $50 if you shop around. I just bought three 2GB
microSD cards for a grand total of $13 including shipping (for my mp3
player, which doesn't do SDHC). Storage space is hardly an issue,
especially for N800s.

>> And my point about porting to maemo is valid: if porting involves
>> removing features in order to lighten the load, then there's no point.
> I wouldn't be surprised if your problem reading Microsoft docs is their
> file format and nothing to do with the app you're trying to open them in.

Sigh... WordPerfect could acceptably import and work with Micro$oft
formats already in the mid-1990s, and I have yet to see any problems
whatsoever with OOo working with Microsoft-format documents as if they
were native. WordPerfect's import wasn't perfect as to formatting, but
at least you could grab the text. (This was WP version 7-9, prior to
the turn of the millennium. WP went away for a while and I had gone to
OOo before it returned, so I don't know anything about the current
version.) The current version of Abiword can't even do that with only
a single sentence of default-format text in a test file. Clearly, it
*is* the app, and not the format...

By the way, I recently found out that OOo also understands WordPerfect
files as well, which was a pleasant surprise when I needed to access
some of my really old documents. Most of the other OOo apps work about
as well. The OOo "Base" database application is another story
entirely, though, and is a long way from being a substitute for Access
or another mature database.


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