[maemo-users] What is the best app to read .doc or .ppt files on N810

From: Dmitry S. Makovey dimon at makovey.net
Date: Sat Nov 15 07:03:44 EET 2008
Mark wrote:
> I only know of two ways:
> 1) Install Easy Debian and use OOo on the tablet
> or
> 2) Use Google Docs, which can convert to PDF as well as open the
> Microsoft formats
> The former requires a large SD card and is probably very slow, the
> latter requires an active Internet connection and isn't as reliable in
> dealing with the formatting. YMMV, but I have yet to get Abiword to
> open anything other than its own proprietary format - even plain text
> or HTML files don't work.
Not nitpicking, but trying to point to a possible resolution: you *do*
need an active internet connection to receive your mail - so using
Goo-Docs doesn't sound like you'd be going "out of your way".

Now to the fun part: depending on your setup (ISP etc.) you may very
well automate the task of doc->pdf conversion and stick to email usage
on your IT. Here's how (based on my personal experience and currently
employed technique for spam filtering on my POP account which is not
SPAM filtered by ISP):

if you have some machine that is online 24/7 (or close to it) you could
easily fetch your mail from that mailbox (either write your own program
or use fetchmail/procmail stack on *nix using "keep on server" option)
and post-process it using OpenOffice conversion (you can convert files
on-the-fly from command line) forwarding resulting PDF back to your
email. IT is not designed for heavy lifting, and it shouldn't do it,
really. You can use OpenOffice to convert inbound docs to .txt if you
want to edit them easily and don't care to lose fancy formatting.

Granted that PalmOS devices have proprietary tools to open/edit MS docs
but those are different beasts: they employ commercial software whose
producer has access to MS resources and can build something workable
without reverse-engineering  it like  OOo and AbiWord folks do. Maybe
what you should be looking for is a producer of similar payed-for
software for IT?

better yet - if your ISP uses Zimbra for mail they could do PDF
conversion on-the-fly server-side out-of-the-box :)

No I don't work for Zimbra... err... Yahoo ;)

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