[maemo-users] N810 dead?

From: Mike Sherman mike.sherman at earthlink.net
Date: Tue Nov 18 16:36:40 EET 2008
Sunday night I arrived home after a driving trip.  For the trip my N810 
was running Maemo Mapper recording a gps trace.  I had also left gnumeric
spreadsheet running on it.  The trip was about seven hours long.  When I
arrived home I unlocked the screen and Maemo Mapper was running.  I opened 
the menu and selected the Trace sub menu to save the gps trace.  At some
point in this process, the N810 switched to the white and blue Nokia boot
screen.  I thought mapper had crashed and my trace was gone.  That has 
happened before.  

Monday morning at work, I turned the N810 and got the white and blue 
boot screen again... OK  I must have drained the battery.  I didn't have
the charger with me, so I left it alone and plugged it into charge before
I went to bed.

This morning I turned it on and the boot screen comes on and then the 
brightness drops (as usual) and then it goes black. The corner light 
comes on during the boot (I think it supposed to) in the white with
blue and green tinges.  But that's all it does.

Any ideas what could be the going on?

-Mike in Cleveland, OH

  Mike Sherman	                          <mike.sherman at earthlink.net>

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