[maemo-users] Claws Mail Install Failure - libtasn1 missing

From: Steve Polishinski nokian800 at skilogic.com
Date: Thu Nov 20 23:29:32 EET 2008
On Thursday 20 November 2008 14:45, Andre Klapper wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 20.11.2008, 14:23 -0600 schrieb Steve Polishinski:
> > It still fails with missing libtasn1-3.
> Please manually install libtasn1-3 from Application Manager -> Browse
> installable applications.
> After that, try to install Claws Mail again.
> andre

Thanks for continuing to help.  

Unfortunately, libtasn doesn't show up as an application to install... I 
presume it starts with "libtasn" and not "tasn" or some such.  

I looked at (not using my N800)
and see libtasn IS there.

I'm still trying various combinations of other distribution and components 
parameters, and only "diablo/tools" and "free" ever result in a successful 
catalog updates in the App Manager.  Are these correct?

libtasn doesn't show up in "installed" via the app manager.

Thanks, Steve

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