[maemo-users] the hell of Maemo repos

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Nov 21 20:53:48 EET 2008

sebastian maemo wrote:
> Come on, Quim... what good excuse are you going to tell us now...?

First, there is no excuse for this personal attack.

> PD: Sorry very much if you find this message unpolite, but I'm really
>  fed up with this kind of situations...

Apologising after being impolite doesn't make it better.

> Eko1 repo was shut down, due to request of maemo.org's webmaster.
> (https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Reducing_number_of_external_repositories)
> Use Extras from maemo repo.

maemo.org's webmaster is Niels, not Quim. If you had read that wiki
page, you would see that this task is owned by Niels.

This looks very much like a misunderstanding to me. Perhaps you need to
activate devel-extras to get kismet? Or perhaps the repository owner
misunderstood a query from Niels? Perhaps kismet is available in extras
and you're doing something wrong? Or perhaps it's in the process of
being included, and just hasn't cleared all the steps yet?

In any case, there are any number of reasonable innocent honest
explanations I would investigate before jumping to the conspiracy theory
of Quim (ie Nokia) trying to shut down "unwelcome" applications. I don't
know which one is true. Perhaps if you'd asked differently, someone
would have taken pleasure in clearing it up.


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