[maemo-users] the hell of Maemo repos

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 21 21:27:23 EET 2008
On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 11:53 AM, Dave Neary <dneary at maemo.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> sebastian maemo wrote:
>> Come on, Quim... what good excuse are you going to tell us now...?
> First, there is no excuse for this personal attack.

...so two wrongs make a right?...

>> PD: Sorry very much if you find this message unpolite, but I'm really
>>  fed up with this kind of situations...
> Apologising after being impolite doesn't make it better.

...So the truth hurts. Sometimes things need to be said, even if one
knows they aren't going to be well-received. It is in fact valid to
express it when one has been inconvenienced or ignored, and
recognizing that someone may be annoyed by that is in fact better than
a pure rant that attacks the messenger rather than the message.

>> Eko1 repo was shut down, due to request of maemo.org's webmaster.
>> (https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Reducing_number_of_external_repositories)
>> Use Extras from maemo repo.
> maemo.org's webmaster is Niels, not Quim. If you had read that wiki
> page, you would see that this task is owned by Niels.

...if, and "you should" and "you would"... Perhaps you need to
recognize that not everyone is created equal, and not everyone knows
the entire contents of the wiki and has committed it to memory or has
the time to search it for every bit of minutiae?

> This looks very much like a misunderstanding to me. Perhaps you need to
> activate devel-extras to get kismet? Or perhaps the repository owner
> misunderstood a query from Niels? Perhaps kismet is available in extras
> and you're doing something wrong? Or perhaps it's in the process of
> being included, and just hasn't cleared all the steps yet?

Perhaps (and from the initial post it's quite obviously the case) he
has already done more work tracking down the possibilities than you
are willing to give him credit for? Perhaps apps could be included in
the official repository and tested _before_ nuking the original
source? Perhaps you could quit blaming the victims and start dealing
with the real problems?

> In any case, there are any number of reasonable innocent honest
> explanations I would investigate before jumping to

You need to take a pound or two of your own cure. You're as guilty as
anyone of "jumping to conclusions" and making personal attacks. (See

> the conspiracy theory
> of Quim (ie Nokia) trying to shut down "unwelcome" applications. I don't
> know which one is true. Perhaps if you'd asked differently, someone
> would have taken pleasure in clearing it up.

Yeah, it's okay to shoot the messenger if you don't like the tone or
content of the message. That makes it easier to ignore the facts. NOT!

> Dave.
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> maemo.org docsmaster
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The bottom line is that there are some serious problems in the way
that Nokia has and continues to approach the ITs and support for them.
Until they not only acknowledge that but address it realistically,
they are going to have to deal with the occasional "attack". Get used
to it! If we customers are going to have to live with the everpresent
disappointment of devices that aren't coming anywhere near to living
up to their hype or potential, then you're going to have to get used
to the occasional complaint or rant. That's how it works.


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