[maemo-users] App-Manager failure (was: Re: Aw: Re: the hell of Maemo repos

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sat Nov 22 00:51:04 EET 2008
lakestevensdental wrote:
> As it is, App Manager seems a rather crude work in progress that 
> displays the crudest information during the updating process -- it 
> doesn't even say what repository catalog is being updated during the
> update process.

Some weeks ago, my App Manager (OS2007, N800) suddenly started to tell 
me it was "unable to refresh the list" when I clicked on Check for 
Updates. It rapidly downloaded something and then said "Unable to 
refresh list. Last refreshed list is shown."

It's the kind of error that sounds like a permissions or space problem 
(although I have loads of space and I've never been anywhere near any 
permissions -- that I'm aware of).

Unfortunately, it doesn't say what list it was trying to update, or 
where it is, or why it had a problem with it, so I have no way to 
conduct a further diagnosis.

Until this point, it was all working fine, and all installs and upgrades 
functioned as expected. Even now, I installed the Mauku Twitter client 
OK, after clicking through assorted error message about not being able 
to update and refresh things.

Has anyone any idea where to start?


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