[maemo-users] the hell of Maemo repos

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 22 00:56:42 EET 2008
Wow, I'm impressed at how much FUD-spewing sans-facts is going on in  
this thread. Bravo.

So, let me set a few things straight:

First, there is ABSOLUTELY no conspiracy involved. Eko1 was not  
singled out because it contained a pen-testing tool, in fact, it  
wasn't singled out at all. Niels has sent a _lot_ of emails to 3rd- 
party repository owners to get them to move their packages to Extras  
and close their repositories.[1][2] Eko1 happened to choose to do this  
in a slightly more user-hostile way than most by simply closing the  
repository and not moving many of the packages to Extras. If you'd  
really like me to prove there's no conspiracy, I'll have qwerty12  
upload all of his fun little hacker tools to Extras-devel tomorrow.

So, you know who the blame is on for not moving their packages before  
they close the repository? The repository owner. Not Nokia, not  
anybody from maemo.org that made a request, but the repository owner  
who, for whatever reason, decided not to move their packages to Extras.

Clearly transitions like these can cause some short-term instability  
that makes things harder for specific individuals, but the overall  
effect for the community, and the long-term effect for everybody is an  
environment with lots of high-quality, easy-to-install packages  
available from right when you take your new device out of the box and  
open up the Application Manager (Extras will hopefully come enabled by  
default with Maemo 5).[3]

Second, it is exactly BECAUSE of situations like this one (packages  
and repositories just disappearing with users being left out in the  
cold) that the _Maemo Community_ (note, non of this had anything AT  
ALL to do with Nokia) decided that _we_ wanted to make Extras the  
centralized repository for community packages and applications.[4] If  
packages are in maemo.org, they're more accessible, come with a higher  
level of quality assurance, and more likely to remain available in the  
long term.

Third, Extras has nothing at all to do with Nokia, it is controlled by  
the Maemo Community (i.e., all of you) as a part of maemo.org. Nokia  
doesn't have a say in what's allowed into Extras (excepting clearly  
illegal or copyright-violating packages--"Nokia's Maemo's Quim's  
Package of Pure Evil" would clearly not be an acceptable title--but  
there haven't been any of those yet). Ultimate responsibility falls on  
the Maemo Community, and, perhaps, the Maemo Community Council, not  

I've said my piece, but clearly this thread isn't headed anywhere  
useful, so you guys can take it or leave it. I'd prefer to see some  
sense and reasonability come back into the discussion, and I'd be  
happy to discuss specifics with you if it does, but for until that  
point. . . .

Some light reading for those of you that are "just guessing" and  
spewing FUD instead of looking at the facts:


Ryan Abel
Maemo Community Council chair

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