[maemo-users] Aw: Re: the hell of Maemo repos

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Sat Nov 22 00:59:08 EET 2008
Mark wrote:
> I also have to point out that the maemo site is always incredibly
> slow, which can't possibly help any of these situations. It doesn't
> matter whether I'm on my home desktop, my N800 on WiFi, or a school
> machine on a very fast network, it always takes forever for pages on
> the maemo site to be served, and frequently it times out first. Even
> when pages do load, frequently there are elements missing. If the
> repositories are similarly affected, that could create havoc with
> anyone trying to update them.
Ditto on the observation of poor Maemo server speed.

 There's the likely reality that the most common device accessing the 
Maemo site is an internet tablet, which has a modestly limited speed of 
browsing and downloading compared to the average box.  1000 internet 
tablets accessing a site are probably are the equivalent load of perhaps 
3000 or more regular machines on reasonably equal internet lines.   It 
would be nice if the tablet came with a user installable speed 
upgrade...  The ASUS eee and netbooks in general have gone from .6 to 
1.6Gs, while internet tablets poke along at .4G.  Fast a couple years 
ago, slow now. 

  Plus, everyone gets a nice blinking screen icon when there's an repo 
update to download, which drives a lot of folks to do downloads around 
the same time period, bogging the system down... 

  The server stuff would seem to be relatively fixable with mirror sites 
and larger server pipes...  If there's the will to upgrade to improve 

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