[maemo-users] Default PIM software (was: Re: the hell of Maemo repos

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sat Nov 22 01:10:06 EET 2008
Mark wrote:
> As for the other stuff, for starters, they would more correctly be 
> called "Web Tablets" or "Web & Email Tablets", not "Internet
> Tablets", because the only thing they can do out of the box is surf
> the Web and if you're lucky do email.

This is marketing, although as the mass of the population wouldn't know 
a "tablet" from a hole in the ground, I think it was a poor choice.

> They can't even come close to doing all the things that are possible
> on the Internet, even *with* all the aftermarket apps available. So
> yeah, calling them "Internet Tablets" is in and of itself false
> advertising.

Hmmm. Mine does very nearly everything I want to do, on and off the 
Internet, but my requirements were for a lightweight substitute for a 
laptop (bearing in mind I'm a user, not a developer).

> It should also state clearly in large letters on the package that
> they do *not* and never will have any kind of PIM functionality OEM.
> The "Contacts" app is really a very limited phonebook no better than
> what your GSM SIM card can store and not by any stretch of the
> imagination a true contacts app.

This is nearly the biggest problem. I have no idea who Nokia consulted 
before choosing the default PIM apps, but it clearly wasn't anyone who 
had ever used them. It has all the hallmarks of a poorly-informed 
Marketing decision just to slam in anything that called itself 
"Contacts" or "Calendar" in an effort to make some shipping deadline.

Almost the biggest mistake was in not providing a path for replacing 
those apps with ones that worked and interworked (like GPE...well, 
nearly). I've installed the GPE apps but having them all interwork would 
be nice.

> It's irrelevant if it uses the Evolution database, since you can't
> access any of that functionality. Heck, they can't even really
> utilize the camera out of the box.

That was the biggest mistake, IMHO. I've never used it for the simple 
reason that there is no software (that I have found) to do anything 
meaningful with it, and the software provided is a chat system to which 
no-one seems to be signed up.

But as I said, I expect some mistakes in new hardware and software. I 
expect Marketing to go down blind alleys. I expect companies to have 
problems handling FOSS. What's missing from the forums is an indication 
that the manufacturer is paying attention to the most serious errors and 
is planning to correct them. It's perfectly possible that this *is* 
happening, or that I'm looking in the wrong place, but I haven't seen it 


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