[maemo-users] the hell of Maemo repos

From: Dmitry S. Makovey dimon at makovey.net
Date: Sat Nov 22 22:35:16 EET 2008
sebastian maemo wrote:
> Why should I complain?... I think it's a great idea... when it's done with
> care of course... you cannot disable a repository until you confirm that all
> packages are correctly transferred... But it's so logical thing that I
> really don't understand what all you are talking about...
You've missed the point: Nokia/Maemo.org didn't ask to take down repo -
they have asked to move packages over. Owner of the repo made a decision
to unplug the repo and abandon packages in it (See Niels email for
details). I think it it quite clear what has happened and I can't see
how Nokia/Maemo.org is at fault:

1. Mail gets sent out on behalf of Nokia/Maemo.org
2. Repo owner has the impression that none of his packages are in active use
3. Repo owner unplugs the repo
4. User community gets upset with Nokia/Maemo.org

Clearly first thing you should do: contact repo owner and clear #2.

It is easy to blame Nokia/Maemo.org, but please do this when it's
deserved. This case clearly doesn't qualify.

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