[maemo-users] Default PIM software

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Nov 23 00:19:30 EET 2008
Mark wrote:
> You're right. It is possible to change a setting so the default
> useless app doesn't open when you pop out the camera, but that doesn't
> change the fact that the tablet doesn't come with anything useful.
> That setting doesn't seem to stick too well. Skype and Gizmo are only
> a couple of clicks away, but I don't know anybody who uses them,
> either.

Is there anything available in Diablo or OS2008 that uses the camera 
successfully? (Just curious)

> Since my cellphone doesn't have a camera, the apps I mentioned are
> more useful to me than to you. 

Good point. I shouldn't have made that assumption.

> I have to point out, though, that the
> resulting files are more easily portable on the tablet than on a
> phone, and storage isn't an issue on the tablet.

Very true, although I was surprised and pleased to see that a .3gp video 
from my phone plays perfectly on the N800.

> This is indeed the problem: it is marketed as to its potential, but
> sold with little besides Web browsing. That's the point of my
> description of the significant difference between "Web" and Internet".

Ah. Yes. They got it badly wrong, which is surprising for Nokia. The 
market isn't suits who browse the web (and even if it was, all the more 
reason why they got the default PIM apps to disastrously wrong). They're 
all crackberry addicts or welded at the hip to Microsoft Mobile. The 
market is the geek^H^H^H^Htechnically-aware professional who wants more 
than a corporate-issue PDA.

If Nokia wants to know what the market is and what it wants, they merely 
have to ask nicely, not have Marketing conduct some spurious piece of 

> Exactly, although the camera may not be the most compelling example. I
> would start with a hobbled Mozilla-based browser that doesn't support
> extensions. Even its strongest, most hyped feature is severely
> limited.

No PDA-sized browser is going to support all the hopelessly-broken web 
pages out there in the way that FF does, alas. But a version of 
Javascript that worked properly would be nice.


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