[maemo-users] App behaviour (was: Re: App-Manager failure

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Sun Nov 23 19:32:56 EET 2008
Tim Ashman wrote:
> On Sunday 23 November 2008 04:14:56 am Peter Flynn wrote:
>> Tim Ashman wrote:
>>> I use in diable on n810
>>> calendar
>>> contacts
>> Out of interest, are these the same apps as shipped with the N800/Bora?
>> Or are they completely new (ie do they have the functionality people
>> expect from a PIM app nowadays?)
> No they are the same completely limited apps that came with the original 
> software.  I use gpe and it works great but since it doesn't have the hooks 
> into the  rest of the OS it is still very disconnected.

OK, thanks.

> I was just commenting on the fact that of the apps you wish to use on diablo 
> those do work at least as well as they did before with chinook.

A pity they can't be junked and replaced by the GPE apps as the default.

> My only pain point is that the old email worked better for me than modest 
> does.  I now use  my providers webmail instead.  

Personally, I *hate* web-based email: crummy editors, restricted 
facilities, lousy interfaces. Claws is not a bad substitute for Thunderbird.

> Again as I stated before,  I need modest to do the following.
> 1.  Allow me to select at deletion time if I want to delete from the server 
> the device or both

I noticed that in the default mail app and wondered that functionality 
was provided: I'd never seen it in any mailer before; then it dawned on 
me that some people want to keep some mail locally and some remotely.

I'd agree, but I'd want to be able to defeat it as an option and set 
Delete to mean remove from both always.

> 2.  Allow multiple accounts to funnel directly into the inbox.

I'd want precisely the opposite. Again the default mail app does this 
and has no way to keep mail from different accounts separate, which i 
find deeply confusing. But again, the facility should be there, switchable.


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