[maemo-users] Default PIM software

From: kenneth marken kemarken at broadpark.no
Date: Mon Nov 24 13:59:33 EET 2008
On Monday 24 November 2008 10:59:08 Michael Flaig wrote:
> Hi Quim,
> On Mon, 2008-11-24 at 08:11 +0200, Quim Gil wrote:
> > >>> As Quim's asked before - what are you using to define "PIM"? The only
> > >>> PIMish apps which ship with Maemo are Contacts and, arguably, Email.
> >
> > Acronyms and definitions apart, you can expect a lot of improvement in
> > this area in Fremantle and Harmattan.
> >
> > See http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:PIM and make sure your ideas are listed
> > there.
> It's sad that Pimlico Suite is not developed actively, although only
> rated "bad" at the wiki I think this is the best fitting set of
> applications as PIM Suite for Internet Tablets.
> - They are designed for devices with small screens

if they are, then someone fumbled badly on the dates app.

last time i tried it (and it have not been updated since) i could move things 
on the "month" view (even tho the elements are so small there that i dont know 
what i was poking at) and the appointments could become to small to properly 
handle "day" view (and that they could be rezised by dragging at the edges 
didnt help, so i ended up accidentaly resizing or moving them around when 
trying to access the detailed dialog for a entry).

and as it also had issues with timezones (basically ignoring them), i got to 
say it was much worse then GPE.

> Personally I would really like to replace evolution with modest,
> contacts, dates and tasks on my desktop. In my opinon the logical way
> would be to go with pimlico.

modest, while having a improved ui, was a regression in terms of POP support. 
sure i could sign up to gmail and pipe all my other mail thru that to get 
IMAP. but you know what? i dont feel like telling google about all my doings 
and going online.

POP have served me well so far, and i dont see why it should no do so in the 
future, just because the modest devs seem to have a fetish for IMAP and 

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