[maemo-users] Free42 Still not Installing on N800/OS2008

From: Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Date: Wed Nov 26 13:38:24 EET 2008
Tommy Persson <tpe at ida.liu.se> writes:

> I was just trying to install it. n810 and diablo. I went to maemo.org
> and clicked on the "install" button for the application. The error
> message in the application manager is "Unable to download
> free42. Application package not found". The address the install button
> uses is repository.maemo.org/extras/dists/chinook/install/free42...

If I added the chinook extra repository manually I could install
it. So the question is why clicking on the install button did not add
the repository.

I had one extra repository enabled with no distribution so maybe that
blocked the adding of the correct one? Should I have this extra
repository with no distribution enabled?

And what is the status now running diablo. Should I have chinook extra
enabled at all?

/Tommy Persson

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