[maemo-users] App-Manager failure

From: Peter Flynn peter at silmaril.ie
Date: Wed Nov 26 23:42:59 EET 2008
Ryan Abel wrote:
> Pretty much everything, but I can only recommend that you upgrade,

OK, all done and working, and thanks for the pointers.

> http://wiki.maemo.org/Updating_the_tablet_firmware

Small buglet: the page says "switch on your tablet while holding the 
Home-button (N800)" but I couldn't find any documentation which referred 
to a "home button". I guessed it referred to the middle button of the 
upper rocker.

The only immediately obvious thing was that the interface is more 
sluggish than OS2007, in that it takes noticeably longer to respond to a 
touch with the stylus, especially when waking from screen-blank.

And someone has replaced the caps lock button on the screen keyboard 
with a language-switch button. Grrr. *Bad* choice.

 >> TeX
>> Emacs
> All of these things work fine (in fact, most of them work a lot better) 
> in Diablo. The only one I'm not sure about is SaxonB8, but I'm sure a 
> little googling will turn up what you need. . . .

Saxon is no problem, it's a standard XSLT processor in Java.

TeX is a problem, though: I can't find where I got the package.
I'm sure it'll turn up, and I have my original copy on a backup DVD 
somewhere, but the difficulty was that it's *way* too big to fit on the 
system internal storage, and there isn't any option that I know of to 
tell it to install itself on (eg) /media/mmc1/... In any case, it really 
ought to be recompiled from the new TeX Live 2008, out last month. I'd 
even offer to take over packaging if I could find the right commandline 
toolchain -- I will *not* install the ghastly Virtual environment I 
tried earlier in the year which nearly drove my laptop into the ground.

Emacs is a bigger problem. The version I downloaded installed but 
wouldn't execute, and it was an Xterm version anyway. I did contact the 
author who promised me a new version but contact fell apart. It needs to 
be in its own window, but my programming skills aren't up to that. Is 
*anyone* out there using Emacs on the N800 and if so where did you get it?


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