[maemo-users] Busybox upgrade

From: COURTAUD Didier didier.courtaud at cea.fr
Date: Thu Nov 27 10:56:25 EET 2008
Is it possible to upgrade Busybox on Diablo ?

I want to do that because I need the "nohup" command as I have said in a previous email.

I have so downloaded the .deb file of the Garage site


but when I try to install it, th Application Manager refuse the update.

Loooking at the details, I see

Installed version : 3:1.6.1.legal-1osso15

Available version : 3:1.6.1.legal-1osso7.max

Apparently the "osso"number seems to be too old ?

Is ther a way to get a :1.6.1.legal-1osso15.max file anywhere ?


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