[maemo-users] Headset plugged in disables ringtones

From: Henrik Frisk frisk.h at gmail.com
Date: Thu Nov 27 17:23:43 EET 2008
>> This suggests it would be possible to reroute the audio of the ring
>> tone to the speaker while the headset is plugged in.
> But not to both at the same time (i.e. music to headphones,
> alarm to speaker).  Would you remember to switch sound to
> speakers when you take the headphones off your head?  I think
> it's just easier to unplug the headphones from the device.
I would answer your question with another question: "Would you
remember to unplug the headset after each call?" and, at least for me,
the answer is "No." But obviously the solution should not be another
manual switch, but an automatic.

What surprised me about the information above was that it *is*
possible to "programmatically" route the audio independent on the
hardware attached.


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