[maemo-users] WiFi borked after update

From: Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Date: Thu Oct 2 13:23:55 EEST 2008
Patrik Flykt <Patrik.Flykt at nokia.com> writes:

> 	Hi,
> Re-reading the original post seems to indicate that I encountered a
> totally different issue than what was described. For me the all the
> required packages were downloaded nicely, but the installation failed.
> No idea why it failed, but the good thing is that nobody else has been
> able to reproduce it.

As mentioned in another thread here for at least two persons (me for
example) this happened and when rebooting manually (which probably was
not the clever thing to do) I got into a reboot loop and had to

I suspected I did not have enough space to install but I suppose the
reason for the failure could have been something else.

/Tommy Persson

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