[maemo-users] SQLite3 driving me nuts! Sqlite incapable

From: R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Date: Thu Oct 2 17:08:07 EEST 2008
Does anyone know of a repositary which actually has
all of the bits for sqlite3?

N810 with diablo latest. The gronmayer site has the following:
at reposiary.amemo.org diablo/sdk free site,

libsqlite3-0 (v. 3.4.1-1osso3)
libsqlite3-dev (v. 3.4.1-1osso3)

st debfarm chinook user
libsqlite3-dev (v. 3.4.2-2)
libsqlite3-tcl (v. 3.4.2-2)
sqlite3 (v. 3.4.2-2)
sqlite3-doc (v. 3.4.2-2)

With debfarm enabled, the app manager sees the sqlite3-3.4.2-2 version 
but chokes on using the osso version of libsqlite3

Does anyone have a source for a libsqlite3-0 osso package? A quick 
google reveals a thread last January on internettablettalk which implies 
  that such a library existed back then

Meanwhile posted logs at garage.maemo.org/builder/diablo have lines like:

Get:5 http://osso.stage.dmz diablo/sdk/free libsqlite3-0 3.4.1-1osso3 

There is no site osso.stage.dmz and I have no idea what this could refer 
to. Anyone?


Meanwhile, I can and have sqlite (version 2) installed on my N810, but 
of course, the database I want to use (created on my laptop) is in the 
incompatible version 3 format.

And of course, sqlite version 2 does NOT have the .import FILE TABLE 
command which would allow me to export-transfer-import the data tables.

And I do not want to revert to a long session with sed to create a file 
which I can use with .read file.

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