[maemo-users] A bluetooth keyboard for $45 -> StowAway "Shasta" for Blackberry (would it work?)

From: Fernando Cassia fcassia at gmail.com
Date: Sat Oct 18 21:20:54 EEST 2008
I have been looking for Bluetooth keyboards for a long long time, and
I noticed the prices range from ~$70 to $120.

However, for the first time I see a bluetooth keyboard below the $50
mark. It's the "Shasta" foldable keyboard by StowAway (I own one of
their old IR keyboard for PalmOS devices and it works very well).
However, the "Shasta" is marketed specifically for the BlackBerry.

I wonder... from a wireless protocol point of view... isn't a
Bluetooth Keyboard just a "wireless input device", I mean, generic of
sorts, regardless of what plastic legs the device has to support a
CrackBerry in vertical position?. Or if there anything
"Blackberry-specific" about this keyboard?

Anyone in the U.S. with a N800/N810 willing to take advantage of
Amazon.com's money-back warranty (or willing to sell it on eBay later
to recoup the cost if it doesn't work), care to test it with the Nokia


I would buy it, but spending $50 (and not owning a BlackBerry nor
wanting to -I'm happy with my Palm Centro) only to find later that it
doesn't work is not my idea of fun, specially considering I have to
pay reshipping to South America and import duties...

Anyway... if anyone is curious, please checkout that $45 Bluetooth
keyboard.... sounds enticing... but I'm not willing to buy it until
someone report it works (or confirms my suspicion that all Bluetooth
Keyboards are the same from a protocol/stack/drivers point of view).



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