[maemo-users] disk space running short on /

From: Christer Eliasson eliasson.christer at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 20 20:08:18 EEST 2008
Why havent Nokia made an option for installing on the internal memory  
card on the N810 ??  The Tablet is great in every respect but this  
tiny little "bug" makes me a bit cross....

Then we wouldnt have to worry about this or reflashing your  
precious ;) when the system update borkes your tablet because lack of  
diskspace to install it.

Im no programmer but there shouldnt be problem really, or am i  
thinking wrong? ;)


20 okt 2008 kl. 17.57 skrev Sparr:

> I had a blog post about this before I took my site down...  Look  
> into the app "localepurge", you'll have to use some coreutils-vs- 
> busybox trickery to install it from a package.  Will cut out 5+ MB  
> of translation files.  Also consider ditching some of the default  
> themes (again requiring package trickery, or just deleting the files  
> outright), the wallpapers are a couple of megs each iirc.
> On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 9:11 AM, Laurent GUERBY <laurent at guerby.net>  
> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running short of space on / (10 MB free) on my diablo N810 so I  
> have
> to uninstall some apps to be able to install new apps (which otherwise
> fail leaving the system in an unknown state, not good).
> Is there a way to remove useless stuff (like translation, temporary
> downloads, etc...)? To safely (approved by Nokia) tell the system to  
> put
> some system stuff to /media/mmc1 instead of /?
> Thanks!
> Laurent
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