[maemo-users] A bluetooth keyboard for $45 -> StowAway "Shasta" for Blackberry (would it work?)

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Tue Oct 21 14:11:47 EEST 2008
Fernando Cassia wrote:
> In the bluetooth version perhaps the same contact disconnects the
> RADIO which is the power-hungry element of any BT device.

Maybe the $45 price is there for some reason. Maybe there is no contact :-)

> What I do know is what I read on reviews...  the unit is supposed NOT
> TO waste battery operating when you fold it and close it.

Yet it does :-) Maybe it is not as bad as I said. Maybe it lasts more 
than month indeed. I just know I used it very rarely and when I needed 
it I found batteries empty more than once.

The positive bit is that you can actually open it without connecting to 
anything, type some very long sentence, then close it, then open it 
later, then connect it to some device and the sentence is sent to device 
after connection. Magic :-)

For comaprsion check this one http://www.wirelessground.com/stblke.html
"Estimated Battery Life  Estimates are based on using a keyboard for 4 
hours per day.  200+ days" That's what I call good battery life. Shasta 
is 'up to 3 months' just like you notebook battery is 'up to 6 hours' :-)

Still it is not an issue if you keep piece of paper under battery door 
and don't mind pairing on the beginning. And the keys are quite good and 
big with full five rows.

> You still haven't told us if the behaviour you experienced was with
> the keyboard fully closed or if you left it standing in open position.

Would you leave foldable keyboard opened and unused collecting dust for 
several weeks?


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