[maemo-users] Projects Nokia should support (yours?)

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Wed Oct 22 14:29:55 EEST 2008
> I still don't know if I can propose an application that is 
> not started yet.
> Just in case you don't remember, I explain my idea again.
> My goal is creating a "GPS position sharing" client. What this
> application will do? I try to explain in few simple steps...

> 3) you start adding other people to your contact list and you choose
> if you want to share your GPS position with them (I suppose yes, else
> why you add them?? :P )

There is already a method of providing location data over the XMPP/Jabber
protocol which the built in messenger uses (thought it's not implemented at
the moment): http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0119.html 

By using the existing IM infrastructure you'd not need to register anywhere,
you just tell and obtain position info from your existing contacts (which is
fine IMO, I don't want any old person, even if they register on some website
to know my position).

> 4) At this point, when you walk around in your city, in your country
> ecc... and you're connected to internet (with UMTS you can be always
> connected, right? I use to be always connected using N810+N73+Tre
> Italy UMTS), you can share your position to your contact list.


> Think about a situation like we were in Berlin:
> - Hey John! Where are you?
> -- Well... I'm... at that corner... don't know the street name...
> uhm.... let's try to get at McDonald...
> - Which one? There are at least 3-4 McDonald here!
> this is just an example where those two people could use it. I think
> there are lot of situation where real time gps position sharing could
> be usefull.

Yes, sounds nice. Though I'd focus on trying to find the beer gardens ;)

> I hope someone find this idea interesting. Please, don't limit to
> steal the idea, let's try to create this together.

Quite, will presence data and for that matter GeoClue as a location provider
be available in Freemantle?



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