[maemo-users] Projects Nokia should support (yours?)

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Fri Oct 24 03:20:45 EEST 2008
Ryan Abel wrote:
> On Oct 23, 2008, at 2:26 PM, lakestevensdental wrote:
>>  If Nokia is really serious about being a larger player, they ought to
>> aggressively develop and license the Maemo tablet OS to other
>> manufacturers so that it has an opportunity to become a dominant player
>> in the this growing market niche instead of just another somewhat
>> self-limiting (soon to be abandoned) proprietary sand castle.
> Rather than building Maemo up as yet-another-Linux-distro, I'd 
> _rather_ see Nokia come inline with upstream and essentially ship 
> Ubuntu or Debian, but with their own differentiation on top. Hildon is 
> already open, somebody just needs to package it up to a sufficiently 
> usable state for other platforms (it's already in Debian and Ubuntu, 
> but simply installing it doesn't quite get you where you want to be).
> Though, if speculation based on certain rumors is to be believe, this 
> may actually already be happening. Give it another 6 months and I'm 
> sure we'll know for sure.
>>  As it is, with other tablets, like Archos, coming out with their own
>> OS/Linux variants, it seems the market is going in the direction of
>> being more and more fractured with lots of reinventing of the same OS
>> wheels over and over.  The market would probably benefit having some
>> central organization to manage and develop the OS so that hardware folks
>> could focus more on developing cost effective powerful hardware rather
>> than both hardware and OS/software.
> Archos is a bad example. I doubt they'd ever be interested in anything 
> than their own proprietary, accessory peddling mess.
Perhaps, but then what can you expect when there really aren't any 
suitable non-proprietary tablet OSs available.

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