[maemo-users] Software Choices for New Nokia 770?

From: Bob Proulx bob at proulx.com
Date: Tue Oct 28 01:06:53 EET 2008
I am the happy new owner of an older Nokia 770 with a 1G flash MMC
card.  I am an experienced Debian user.  'apt-get update' fails.  It
appears that depots listed in the sources.list file are no longer
available.  Is there an updated sources.list for updates?  I would
like to install security updates as I am sure there are some in the
last couple of years.

The main problem that I am having are system crashes when trying to
download from the web browser onto the add-on MMC flash card.  It
starts to transfer and a partial file results but inevitably crashes
the system during the download requiring a reboot.  I would like to
hope that if I could update that the updated image would resolve this
so that I could put files on the added 1G flash card.

I have the ThinkOutside iGo bluetooth keyboard.  I searched and found
a bluetooth driver[1] for the nokia.  I installed it and it works very
nicely.  My main goal for this machine is to use it with the keyboard
as a thin network terminal client to the my home server.  The keyboard
really makes this a great combination.

What is the wisdom of the 'net for what an experienced Debian user
should install?  Should I install the OS2007 hacker edition?  Or is
there a better best-known version now?


[1] http://770.fs-security.com/maemo-bt-plugin/

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