[maemo-users] Repeat quetion : Diablo update to OS2008HE ? (Was: Software Choices for New Nokia 770?)

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Wed Oct 29 10:51:36 EET 2008

ext Fred Pacquier wrote:
> it would be really good to see a final update
> bringing the main Diablo improvements to OS2008HE, so that it can still 
> run the latest relevant apps.
> Is there any chance this will happen ?

Not from Nokia's side. We rather invest our time in
http://wiki.maemo.org/Objective:Maemo_variants so whoever can come up
with customized editions at will.

Anybody interested in this objective (and removing the obstacles in the
way) please propose specific tasks and file specific bugs/requests.

About the rest of the thread, how useful is it to discuss before Nokia
publishes the maemo 5 API and announces a product shipping it? Enjoy
your current devices! Fremantle is not even in alpha. The N810 WiMAX
edition just started the sales few days ago (running the very same
software inside). No matter what happens with Fremantle the N800/N810
users are going to benefit from this.

Quim Gil
marketing manager, open source
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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