[maemo-users] Please help, I need a flash image

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Wed Oct 29 17:11:08 EET 2008
Hopefully someone can help me.  Nokia's phone support wants me to send the 
unit in and I'm just not going to do that.  Here is my problem.

Last night I nuked the ability of my n810 to boot.  I came in this morning 
downloaded the windows flasher utility and proceeded to try and reflash the 
unit.  After the wizard sees my unit I click next and it reports that my 
computers clock is wrong and that it can't continue because it can't 
authenicate.  Huh, besides the fact that I have no idea why it would care I 
was stuck.  so...

I tried the linux manual way.  I went to my other computer downloaded the 
flash command utility and proceeded to the "get the image" page.  I entered 
in my WLAN ID and the page reports that it is not a valid product.  Great.

So I called nokia to say I'm sadly disappointed with them is an 
understatement.  Not only did the support rep not understand the problem, he 
kept asking me to do things on the tablet after several times of me telling 
him the unit would not reach the home screen and was in an endless loop I 
asked for his supervisor.  After 5 minutes he came on and simply told me I 
had to send the unit in. 

So I'm asking if anyone can send me or make available the latest or even any 
version of the diablo firmware so that I can try and flash my unit manually I 
would really appriecate it.  The real problem appears to be with the windows 
wizard software and the fact that right now we are in the two week period 
where the US use to change to daylight savings, but now it is not for two 
weeks.  I've tried setting my clock backwards and forwards, etc to no avail.

If someone knows that this is a problem with my actual windows pc, maybe there 
is some weird patch, I don't know but this forum is my last hope.  If nobody 
here can help I will not be purchasing another nokia device and will take a 
look at android or one of the netbooks running linux.

Please help I like my nokia and sending the unit in when in probably two weeks 
the problem will fix itself is just stupid.  Not to mention that nokia 
support was completely unwilling to help by sending me the flash image or 
even entertaining the idea that something might be wrong on their end.



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