[maemo-users] Please help, I need a flash image - SOLVED

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Thu Oct 30 15:00:58 EET 2008
I'd like to thank everyone who tried to help get my n810 reflashed.  Quim from 
nokia was kind enough to let me email him a picture of the back of my unit 
showing the tag.  His reply is here and I'm forever greatful to Quim and his 
colleague for taking the extra step and helping me out.  I have to say this 
is a perfect example of why I think opensource and community computing if so 
much better than anything before it.  If maemo wasn't here, if the community 
wasn't here I would not have been helped as quickly and my satisfaction would 
have been much lower.

Macell, a colleague here at the Maemo SW team, was clever enough to find
out a possible cause of your problem...

> I tried this code and with 001D6ED58799 it works for me. The 4th digit
> from the end looks like an 8 to me, but it is a bit scratched and the
> reporter might have put there a 6 which is not in the valid range.



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