[maemo-users] howto transfer GPS log data via BT? (Was: Re: Looking for gps logger for n810)

From: n810 at merctech.com n810 at merctech.com
Date: Sun Apr 5 18:51:14 EEST 2009
I just got a Qstarz QT-1300 GPS receiver. It pairs via bluetooth to
my N810 running Diablo. Maemo Mapper or Wayfinder can use it as an
external GPS.

The device also does data logging. I'm looking for a way to transfer
the binary log files from the GPS receiver to my N810 via Bluetooth.

I don't expect to convert the log files to other formats or do
photo-geotagging or other operations on my N810, but I want to store
the log files so that they can be processed on a PC at a later time.

There are several programs that talk with the QT-1300, but they all have
difficulties on the N810. Some of the issues are:

  * The N810 does not recognize the QT-1300 when connected via USB. This
    is probably due to a definition being missing in the cdc-acm kernel
    device drive. I had to modify this driver for the GPS to be recognized
    under Fedora 9 on my laptop.

  * The BT747 program offers complete management of the GPS data logs,
    but it requires Java.

  * The Perl program "mtkbabel" looks like it has the potential to
    run on the tablet to manage data transfers and conversion, but there
    are 3 issues:

          the program requires perl modules that aren't on the tablet
          (File::Basename, Device::SerialPort, and Date::Format)

          the Perl program assumes that the GPS is connected via a USB
          (serial) cable, not bluetooth

          mtkbabel has a known bug that means that the data conversion
          does not work correctly on the tablet. This would not be a
          big problem if the other issues were fixed and mtkbabel could
          transfer the binary log files without converting them

Any suggestions for method for transferring the log files off the GPS and onto
my tablet?



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