[maemo-users] anyone using Hushmail on OS2008?

From: jmc jmc at cosmicnetworks.net
Date: Tue Apr 7 02:33:05 EEST 2009
i'm running 5.2008.43-7

i'd like the use what's available to me in base, ie, Communication ->
Email. if there better e-mail clients that work, i'd like to hear about

i can view my inbox and folders via imaps OK. new messages sent to that
e-mail arrive swiftly and as expected.

for sending, however, i'm not so lucky. i'm pretty sure i set it all up
correctly. should i expect this to work?

briefly, i selected `Login' as the auth type. and set it up for SSL over
port 25, which is what hushmail directs you to do for most clients i'm
familiar with.

sending mail just times out, and i'm not sure how to get at any verbose

any ideas? or is this best directed at another list?

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