[maemo-users] rumored Nokia netbook and touch screen tablet

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Fri Apr 10 21:20:58 EEST 2009
There are interesting developments, indeed...

"One of the new models to be rolled out over the next 12 months has a
4.2-inch touchscreen and a 'hidden slide-out keyboard,' and is
considered a mobile Internet device or tablet. The device is targeted
for introduction in the fourth quarter before Christmas.

The second device is called project Nautilus, and it apparently
emphasizes a very slim touchscreen design. A sensor is used to extend or
withdraw the keyboard into the phone. The keypad is said to be
ultrathin, but when it slides out the Qwerty keys rise for easier
typing. The first Nautilus phone isn't due for another year."


"Nokia, the No. 1 mobile phone maker, has sealed its plans to enter the
netbook race, according to people familiar with the company. Some if not
all of the production of the new mini-PCs will be handled by one of
Nokia's original device manufacturing partners, Taiwan's Foxconn, these
people say."


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