[maemo-users] Looking for gps logger for n810

From: Tuukka Tolvanen tuukka.tolvanen at gmail.com
Date: Sat Apr 11 22:14:00 EEST 2009
On 05.04.2009 02:14, Andrew Daviel wrote:

> Re. the original question, I have a script which stores a track in a
> binary tree database which I can later interrogate to find where I was at
> a given time, i.e. the timestamp on a digital photo.
> One thing is it takes ages to save the track from maemo-mapper (I guess
> convert from some internal format to GPX) so you want to do it often. I
> mean, every day or so. My Garmin has limited RAM and so an
> auto-filter feature for tracks. I'm not sure exactly what it does, but in
> principle if you are going mostly in a straight line at constant speed
> you need only save the acceleration/turn points. My photo script does
> interpolation to guess the actual position.
> I was trying to write a filter to post-process mapper tracks but it's
> crude. Probably there are tools out there but I haven't looked; I tend to
> write my own in Perl and make maps in XFig.

gpsbabel does filters and conversion, e.g. for a decent gmapsible track, 
gpsbabel -i gpx -f bleh.gpx -x simplify,error=.05k -o kml,units=m -F 

...now I'm reminded I have a "lag" filter patch sitting around somewhere 
that does the acceleration points along a straight line thing too, 
whereas the filters I've found in gpsbabel only deal with the shape of 
the track. Should dig that up...


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