[maemo-users] OT - availability of WiFi in England

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Mon Apr 27 22:36:42 EEST 2009
Julius Szelagiewicz wrote:
> Dear Folks,
> 	This is very off-topic, but you might actually have the
> information:
> My girlfriend is going from USA to England for two weeks. I want to give
> her an N810 tablet, but I don't have the faintest idea if / how is WiFi
> available there. Any hints (is there such a thing as inexpensive 3G
> connection?) will be very much appreciated.
My experience in metropolitan/tourist meccas in France and Spain a 
couple years ago was free wifi was available in a variety of spots, 
somewhat like they are around here.  Some hotels have free wifi (built 
into cost of room), some for a fee, some don't.  You can generally check 
that online at the hotel's web site before you leave.

  I used my n800 to make internet calls to home from the hotels via 
Gismo.  I also sprung for a Gismo local landline which was useful, 
allowing my wife to call me from a regular phone from the USA as a local 
call.  Cost was modest.  I had to be online with Gismo booted up to 
answer a call, but Gismo has an "answering machine" that passes the 
audio message along to you as an email. 

You can also get a month of Boingo (or a similar wifi service), which 
provides wifi connections at a wide variety of places in Europe.  There 
a typically independent internet cafes where you can buy time, if they 
aren't a Boingo (or other subscriber) hot spot...

  Fine print, most of the wifi spots supported voice, but sometimes the 
bandwidth was limited during some times of the day.  Usually, talking to 
the USA was during off peak hours, at least for my trip... 

  If you check the wifi hot spots in the maps that are available on the 
n810, you'll get a decent display of available hot sites, which may or 
may not be up-to-date.  You might be able to match a subscription 
service like Boingo to the areas you are going to get the best wifi bang 
for your buck.  You can poke around the maps before you leave to come up 
with a list of spots in areas you are going. 

One nice feature of the n810 is the nav maps are available for both US 
and Europe.  Most nav systems aren't international without being as 
expensive as just buying (or renting) another nav system.  Some cell 
phones may have international nav mapping.  Some rental cars have nav 
units, which is nice if you can get it.  The fine print is the n810s nav 
system is sort of punk compared to a dedicated nav unit in giving 
driving directions. 

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