[maemo-users] spontaneous reboot while charging

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Mon Aug 3 10:40:36 EEST 2009
Jeffrey Mark Siskind wrote:
> A few months ago, my N810 started spontaneously rebooting when it is plugged
> into the charger. I haven't updated any software on it in over a year and made
> no major configuration changes to it in over a year. It doesn't spontaneously
> reboot when not plugged in. When plugged in, it sometimes does and sometimes
> doesn't spontaneously reboot. When it does, it will go through several (about
> a half dozen) reboot cycles and then stop. It sometimes stops in a powered on
> state and sometimes stops in a powered off state.

Hi Jeffrey,

Charging is possible when device is booted normally to desktop {i.e. you 
use it and then plug the charger in while it is on) or there is special 
charging only mode when you plug in the charge when device is off. I'm 
not sure which of those two ways of charging you use.

I guess those reboots happen in charging only mode but I am not sure. If 
this is so, try to plug the charger in only when the device is turned on 
to avoid that special charging only mode. If battery is low and device 
turns itself off before fully booted, turn it on via power button and 
plug the charger in immediatelly after screen lights up.

> Often, it will indicate a full, or almost full
> charge, and then after a very brief period of use, switch to indicating a very
> low level of charge. Sometimes so low that it switches off.

This may indeed be a sign of poor battery.

> When I put it
> in and plug the charger in, it always power cycles and begins a reboot about a
> half dozen times in a row (it doesn't finish the reboot before spontaneously
> power cycling) then eventually stops in a powered off state. The battery never
> charges.
> Any ideas? Should I try a new Nokia battery? Should I try a new charger? Is it
> likely a software problem or a hardware problem?

I'd guess it is a software problem (and reflashing may help as a last 
resort). Same problem was also discussed in thread "N800 Power cycles" 
last month in maemo-developers.

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