[maemo-users] wardriving tools

From: Tom Metro tmetro+maemo-users at gmail.com
Date: Tue Aug 4 05:42:56 EEST 2009
I'm looking for suggestions for wardriving tools that will run on the N810.

Well, not really wardriving per the Wikipedia definition (mapping the 
location of wireless networks), nor breaking into encrypted networks, 
which seems to be the aim of many of the tools in this area.

I'm just looking for a tool that rapidly scans for WiFi networks, and 
plays an alert sound when it finds one that is open, and of adequate 
strength to likely support a successful connection.

Searching turns up:

A bunch of threads on talk.maemo.org on WiFi Etiquette.

several recommendations for Kismet:

mention that there's a Kismet port available:

how to install Kismet on a N800, but ends with a note that Kismet is no 
longer available, and suggests aircrack-ng:

And that links to a repository that has versions for up to Chinook, but 
not Diablo.

More importantly, both Kismet and aircrack-ng are overkill for what I'm 
looking for, and unless they provided an audible alert when a qualifying 
network was found, they wouldn't really gain me anything. (I also read 
that Kismet puts the network interface into a state that requires a 
reboot before you can use it to connect normally, which would be rather 

If there isn't an existing tool, perhaps something can be cobbled 
together with a command line script to put the interface into hunt mode 
and polling a /sys or /proc kernel file for found networks?

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