[maemo-users] wardriving tools

From: Tom Metro tmetro+maemo-users at gmail.com
Date: Wed Aug 5 20:57:15 EEST 2009
Tim Teulings wrote:
> If you really only want a tool that beeps if there is an open wireless
> network in reach I could add this feature to WifiInfo...

That'd be terrific.

Ideally a network with a signal strength in excess of some threshold, as 
it seems anything below about 25% signal strength never connects.

> WifiInfo uses the internal wlan daemon for scanning...

I ran across WifiInfo in the repository, and I hadn't realized from the 
short description that it had a scanning feature (which I see mentioned 
in the change log). I thought it only reported on the current, active 
connection. (The description does say, "...about your current WLAN 

> This however would only scan for open networks, not for networks that
> [would need to] be hacked (and would do no hacking at all).

Right, that's the desired behavior.

> Note however that rapit scanning will reduce battery life time
> significantly...

I figured that. That's an acceptable tradeoff when you're looking for a 

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