[maemo-users] WifiInfo

From: Tom Metro tmetro+maemo-users at gmail.com
Date: Fri Aug 7 20:16:40 EEST 2009
Tim Teulings wrote:
>> Ideally a network with a signal strength in excess of some threshold, as
>> it seems anything below about 25% signal strength never connects.
> I already did the necessary changes. Expect a binary release (which
> needs some testing) hopefully within the next 2 weeks...

Great. Post a link to a private repository or deb file when its ready 
and I'll try it out.

I've since installed WifiInfo and see it has a "scan for networks" 
screen. A few questions:

On the scan for networks tab there is a checkbox to enable scanning. 
Why? Is that to conserve resources when the application is minimized? 
Does it continue scanning even when that tab isn't active?

On the main tab there is a slider to select poll frequency. Does that 
affect the network scanning, or just the update of information on the 
current network?

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