[maemo-users] Google Summer of Code Projects Testing

From: Luis Felipe Strano Moraes luis.strano at gmail.com
Date: Fri Aug 7 21:27:58 EEST 2009

now that SoC is coming near to it's end, I'd like to suggest the
students to please
post a link to a package (or direct instructions on how to test your
project, but the
package would make it alot easier) with the current status of your
project so we can
try to have some more testing and bug reporting by the community and
trying to kill
as many remaining bugs as possible during these last few days.

I'd also like to ask the community to, if possible, give a test run of
the projects and
try to report as many information as possible, request features for
after SoC, bugs,

The ones I've easy access to the URL are here:

Canola Bittorrent Plugin (by lauri):
I'm not sure if the latest version is there, there was new code
commited just now,
lauri, please update the package asap.

Canola Picasa Plugin (by andrei):

Canola IM Plugin (by thiago):

Canola Twitter and Canola Remember-The-Milk plugins:
don't have the links here, could you guys please send them as replies to this?

I'm going to do a blog post (hopefully this weekend) with the status
of the current canola
plugins, and hopefully I'll have the link to all of the packages by then.


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