[maemo-users] Easy Debian

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Tue Aug 11 15:24:30 EEST 2009
Qole wrote:
> Sean,
> Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I was on vacation, and I don't watch the
> mailing lists very closely (I watch the talk.maemo.org
> <http://talk.maemo.org> forums more closely).
> You can put the Easy Debian image file (the one that has a file name
> that ends in .img.ext2) anywhere you want. Edit the IMGFILE line of your
> /home/user/.chroot file to point to the image file's location.
> For example, if you put your image file into the MyDocs folder in your
> tablet's home directory, edit the .chroot file to say:
> IMGFILE=/home/user/MyDocs/debian-squeeze.img.ext2


	No apologies necessary, thanks for the reply.
I had since come across those directions, but before that I had decided
to repartition the memory card and increased the space to accommodate
the image.

It is neat seeing Openoffice run on the handheld, just as long as I am
The browsers I found to be much too slow.

I tried and received errors about finding packages when I tried to
install Ekiga.
Will your package install and run Ekiga?

It is amazing that there is no native Ekiga client for Maemo.
Seems like a real missed opportunity.

		Thanks again for the reply,
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