[maemo-users] N900/Maemo 5 review

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Fri Aug 21 00:29:21 EEST 2009
Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> One thing concerns me based upon earlier reviews - it appears that the size
> of the screen will be smaller.  That may not be a big issue as it appears
> from the pictures that Nokia is utilizing the space better than the 810.
> Only time will tell.  It also looks like they've added capabilities (such as
> tasks and calendar) that didn't exist before.  I'm hoping that they've added
> the ability to select 12/24-hour time. 

As I commented earlier, the ability to select time zone when creating an 
appointment is essential if you travel: its absence would be a show-stopper.

Provided they have replaced the appalling built-in 
mail/contacts/calendar that came with the N800, I'll probably be happy.

It doesn't look like the camera can be used backwards like the N800's 
pop-out one. That was crippled by lack of software; presumably this one 
is usable with Skype etc, but a pity if it can't be used as a webcam.

> Lastly, having built in phone and wireless will be a good thing. 

Wifi is essential, phone may be useful (I already have a phone...) but 
only if it's not tethered. Cracking stupid lockdowns on phones is the 
first task to look for.


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